About Off Limits

Explorer and history buff, Don Wildman, is on a quest into the forbidden, hidden and unseen spaces across America. With a take-no-prisoners approach, he'll unearth the truths of our past and find their secret connections to our future. Don will get insider access to off-limits mega structures, crumbling mines and abandoned factories in dogged pursuit of mystery and revelation. He'll explore clandestine meeting grounds and serpentine passageways, telling stories of what makes this strange world tick in the very places events took place-no matter what it takes to find them. Each hour-long episode of Off Limits tracks Don to a new city, where he'll scale fences, climb mountains, and crawl through tunnels, delving into a dirty and dangerous world both above ground and below. Places people walk by everyday in the heart of downtown; places far-flung on distant roads, veritably invisible on the outskirts of town. They're rusting away, crumbling to dust, and their stories must be told before it's too late. Each location ties into the true but forgotten narrative of how our cities came to be. What begins as a simple exploration, a quest for truth, becomes an examination of the nature of secrecy as Don discovers nothing is as easy as black-and-white. There's psychology to what's been kept out of sight, and Don applies his everyman's wisdom everywhere he goes. It's what he's good at, what he's passionate about-making sense of our complex and disappearing history.

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